Friday, May 13, 2011

So The Adventure Begins!!

I have for the last 3 years been putting up pictures of all my cookings and bakings on Facebook but in order to share recipes,I'd have to send a message so I thought why not do this so I can share with everyone the delicious recipes I have been trying out.So I started this blog in hopes that it will introduce you to a whole new world of delicious yet healthy cuisines.So for all my friends on facebook who have been very loyal and encouraging followers,I owe you these recipes.For those of you who are just joining me,WELCOME and I hope it serves you well.

I wanted to start my blog with a recipe that I loved as a child which has been in the family for generations and I still can't get enough of it and thank God I've mastered it or else every time I want it,I'd have to fly my mom to come see us which is impossible or absolutely be deprived of such goodness.I remember as a teenager,I used to hate being called over to help in the kitchen.Let it be peeling carrots or chopping an onion,I'd rather be in my room blasting I Linkin Park to express my rebellion...typical teenage stuff eh?Well,I'm kindda glad my mom did that coz somehow( I think its magic or my mom's silent prayer that I'd be a good homemaker one day) her amazing skills rubbed off on me a little and Yes,my mother is an amazing cook.So Amma,this is for you!

Chicken Masala

Total time:45 minutes

You'll need:

4-5 Boneless Chicken Breasts(cut into bite sized pieces)


1/2 Large Onion(quartered)
1 1/2 inches Ginger
6-7 cloves Garlic
1 Green chilli(if you like it real spicy)

Using a blender or food processor,grind all ingredients into a paste.You could also use a mortar and pestle for a more authentic feel. Pour paste onto your chicken pieces and mix well to make sure all the pieces are coated.Set aside.

Curry Sauce:

2 sticks Cinnamon
3 pieces Star Anise
5 pieces Cloves
6-7 Curry Leaves (these can be hard to find so don't worry if you don't use them)
4 tbsp  Chicken curry powder(or regular curry powder that you find in the store.Just add 1/2          teaspoon cumin powder)
1 tbsp Tumeric powder
1/2-1 tbsp Chilli powder(adjust to your preference of spice)

Blend all 3 powders with water into a think paste and set aside

2 large Potatoes (or 4 small cut into small pieces)
2 medium Carrots (Peeled and cut into thin slices)
1 1/2 cups Peas(fresh or frozen)
1 1/2 tbsp Ghee(Indian clarified butter) or  vegetable oil
1 tbsp thick Coconut paste or 1/4 cup Milk
Salt to taste

Coriander leaves

Method:or as I call it,The fun part!

Heat Ghee/oil in a large skillet or wok(I prefer the wok).Add cinnamon,star anise,cloves and curry leaves and saute till aromatic.Make sure not to burn. Immediately add the curry paste mix and saute for another 5 minutes.Add a small amount of water if it gets too dry.You want a think gravy consistency.Let it come to a boil as this cooks it thoroughly and takes away the raw taste of curry powder.Next,add the potatoes and cook till its almost tender and then add the carrots.Make sure the vegetables are mostly cooked before you add the chicken.You don't want to bite into raw potatoes.Once that is done,add the chicken with the marinade and cook thoroughly for about 15 minutes.Add peas and blend in well to cook.Add salt in small amounts so you don't over salt the dish and lastly,stir in the coconut paste or milk and let it simmer for another 10 minutes.Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with either rice of your choice or any indian bread.I sometimes eat it with regular bread..its just so yummy!

So there you have mom's chicken masala.Enjoy cooking and please do give me feedbacks as to how your experience was.I'd love to hear from you.

Have a great time cooking!

This one didn't have the peas or carrots.It was just chicken and potatoes.
With love for food and you,


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